Panda Helper Download

Panda Helper Download now you can done with newer features as well as massive bulk of free apps and games indeed.This is not a hard thing at all.You just need to follow our complete tutorial guides only.This application always provides very advance and latest Apps and Games on its users.

So we invite you to be known more about this amazing freeware and download it to your first hit on your device.

How to panda Helper Download on your Android device

Before we start the downloading and installation process few facts to keep in mind.

As panda helper is a third-party app, your device doesn’t allow you to install apps from third-party resources. So, you have to turn on install from unknown sources toggle.

1. Go to the official panda helper site ending with VIP domain.

Open your chrome browser.

Type in domain name in the search bar or go to google and type in ‘panda helper VIP’.

Then tap on the enter key.

If you access this official site via your PC you can see a QR code.

Scan android QR code with your Android device to go to the site without typing anything.

2. Now go to panda helper android site of which domain name starts as android dot.

3. On the front page of this android site you should be able to see the download button with the Android logo. Tap on it.

4. When you tap, a prompt with file download destination pops up. This prompt is shown if you haven’t already ticked, ‘don’t show it again’ tick box.

You can change the file downloading path from here as you wish

5. Once downloaded, go to the APK downloaded destination and tap on it.

6. Now the file installs on your device. Once it is over go to the home screen and you can see an icon with a panda helper logo in it.

7. Tap on it. Simply skip the messages and when ‘Allow panda helper to access media files photos on your device’ massage populates tap on allow.

8. Now you are good to download apps as you require

Panda Helper Download On iOS

Install panda helper on Jailbroken devices (directly from the site/without


1. First go to Cydia and download and install Appsync.

2. Now go to panda helper official website via the Safari browser.

3. Select ‘jailbroken’ out of the three tabs.

4. Then tap on the ‘Install jailbroken version’ button.

5. When a prompt as shown in the picture pops up tap on the ‘install’ button.        

6. Another prompt will pop up. Again tap on install.

7. Now you will see an icon on your home screen with a loading message.

8. Once you can see the panda helper icon, the app is fully installed on your device.

Install panda helper with Cydia app

1. First open your jailbroken device’s Cydia app.

2. Then tap on the source then edit and then add the button.

3. Once the prompt to enter API/URL pops up type in HTTPS:// apt. panda help .vip, after removing the spaces and add the source by tapping on ‘Add source ‘ button.

4. It will take some time to complete adding the source.

5. Now the app is installed on your jailbroken device.

How to Panda Helper Download on non-jailbroken iOS

1. First clean Safari browser’s history

Go to Setting>> General>>Safari >>tap on Clear history and website data

2. Now go back and open the safari browser type in the ‘panda helper’ keyword in the Google search bar

3. Now type in the URL of the official panda helper site domain name ending with VIP, m. pandahelper. VIP

4. Tap on Google search results and go to the site.

5. Now you will see this sites home page with three tabs. (VIP, regular and jailbroken)

6. Select the regular tab and tap on the download button. A prompt will pop up

7. Select the ‘Install regular app to try button’

8. Tap on install when a message, like shown in the picture below on right side, populates.

9. Now you should be able to see the panda helper icon with a loading message on your screen.

10. Wait until the installation completes (the dark colored icon turns into the panda helper original icon.)

11. As the next step you have to trust the app. To trust the panda helper app

Go to                                                                                     

Settings >> General >>profile and device management and tap on the certificate name that can be found under the enterprise apps.

12. Now tap on Trust ‘enterprise certificate name’.

This enterprise certificate name varies when it is replaced by the panda helper team after being revoked by Apple.

14. Now following the above steps as explained above go to the Safari browser’s history and clean it.

If you want to delete the app goes back to the path that you use to trust the app and tap on the ‘delete App’ button.


Panda helper regular version is more prone to certificate being revoked issue. So, panda helper team recommend its user to purchase VIP version with a super certificate.

Panda Helper Download On PC

Android emulators like blue stack can be used to install panda helper application on your device. Here are the steps of installation

1. First you need to download the panda helper app file on your PC.

Now you are required to install the blue stack android emulator on your PC.Go to the blue stack dot .com (remove the space) site to download and install blue stack on your PC.

3. Once installed open the blue stack application.

Install panda helper on your Android phone.

4. Now on the blue stack window you will see a folder named system apps next to the google-play store icon. Click on it

5. Now go to  Media Manager icon and then click on it.

6. When you click blue stack media manager will open.

7. Now there is a tab named ‘Import from windows. Click on it. A window will open.

8. Now select the ‘panda helper app file from the opened window and click on the open button.

9. As you click to open apk file will be added to blue stack software now

10 clicks on the ‘panda-helper app button to start the installation.

11. Once the installation is completed click the open button.

Now the app is up and running.

 Android emulators like Game loop, Memu, Nox player instead of the blue stack can be used instead of bluestack application

More About Panda Helper

Panda helper Navigation Bar

To the bottom of the app, you can find the navigation bar. You will find four tabs if you are on an Android phone. They are,

1. Featured

2. Games

3. Apps

4. Me

Featured (Navigation bar tab1)

Again featured tab has been split into six section

1. for you

In this section you can find four different categories

a.) Editor’s Choice

Here are the best tested apps that are 100% working, selected by Panda Assistant Editor.

b.) New Release

Here you can find latest apps in panda helper app

c.) Collections

Under collections apps you can find app that have been lined up categorized according to their genres. Here are some app collections that you can find under these sections.

1. Football   2. Ball Games 3.Fishing 4.Drive 5.Survive,

6. Shoot 7.Pat your pet 8.Let’s Fish

d.) Everyone is playing

In everyone is playing section you can find the most popular gaming apps among panda helper users.

2. Mod

Under Mod section you can find all the modded app out of panda helper’s 10000+ apps. You can find all the modded features of a given app in its description.

3. Free

  All the free apps in this app are listed here

4. Game bots

If you go here you can find four section relating to panda helper’s gaming bot Home/ Bot / News / Privacy

5. Hay day hack

Here you can find all the tips and tricks on how to play Hay day game like how to grow your farm from scratch.

6.  Panda News

 This is the best place to learn panda helper news without having to go to panda helper official blog which we have discussed about later in this article.

Games (Navigation bar tab 2)

You can finds games arrange under 16 different categories here. They are

1. Action                5. Adventure       9.Arcade                13. Board
2. Card                    6. Casino             10.Casual               14Music
3. Puzzle                 7.Razing          11. Role Playing       15.Simulation
4. Sports               8. Strategy         12.Trivia                    16. Word

Apps (Navigation bar tab 3)

Apps other than games can be found year under 24 categories

Me (Navigation bar tab 4)

Using the last tab of navigation bar you can log in to panda helper account. After log in you can donate to the further development of panda helper.

Panda Helper Search

When you tap on the search bar, it will takes you to another window that appears on the right side of the screen.

How to search an app using search bar

  1. Type the name of the app you want to search for
  2. Next, tap on the ‘Search’ keyword to begin the search.
  3. Now, you will get matching results
  4. Tap the X icon if want do delete the typed word
  5. To go back tap inverted arrow icon.

Panda helper VIP features 

App signer

With the help of the App signer feature, you can sign IPA files on your own.

To enjoy this feature you have to fulfil two conditions.

First, you have to purchase a VIP membership. After that spending $4.95 you have to buy this app signer feature.

When your VIP membership expires app signer features doesn’t work. To function it again, you have to re-purchase the VIP membership.

How to sign apps using the app signer feature

1. Purchase both VIP membership and app signer.

2. Download the IPA file that you want to sign.

3. Once all the apps are installed you are required to upload desired IPA file to the app singer. Tap on the Share button to get it uploaded.

If uploaded successfully you should be able to see it on ‘My list’

4. To resign tap on resign button located to the right of the uploaded IPA file.

It will take some time for the install button to appear. Sit tight until you see it.

6. Tap on Install the IPA in your iPhone.

App Cloner

Do you want the login to three different WhatsApp account at the same time using just only one device? Pander helper developer made it possible to do that task with the introduction of this app cloner cool feature.

How to clone apps with the app cloner feature

1. First you need to download and install the VIP version of the panda helper.

2. Once you open the apps you can see the app cloner icon on the panda helper front page. Tap on it.

3. Search and select the app that you want to clone.

4. Tap on it. Now a prompt with two options will pop up

a.) Don’t clone app

b.) Clone app

Select clone app and tap on start putt on

5. Once the installation finish go to the home screen. You can see cloned copies of the app that you installed.

Cloud Save

If you want to unlock the unlimited resources of your game like coins and cash you seek the help of cloud save. To use this feature you have to have a VIP membership.

How to use Cloud save

1. Search the app that you want to get unlimited resources. (Check if the app is could save features enabled one)

2. Install by taping on the download button

3. Once installed open the app. Now can see the panda icon. Tap on it.

4. As you tap a prompt with the name ‘Function Center’ will pop up. To the bottom, you can see a button named ‘panda could save’ with a blue button named ‘Load’ on the right. Tap it.

5. Next another prompt Notice asking your permission to overwrite the progress will appear. Tap on yes.

Cheat Engine

Using panda helpers cheat engine features you can get the advantages of the game as this enables you to get unlimited resources even if you do not know how to code.

Here are some games that can be played using the cheat engine application

Clash of Clans

Hill climb racing 2

Summoner’s war hack

Car X drift racing 2

Last day on earth hack

Shadow fight 2 hack

All the above-mentioned features can be purchased from the Panda helper blog.


With this function, you can change the speed of the game likewise you slow down or increase the speed of a YouTube video. To check if the app that you want to use the speeder option on is configured with the speeder option, simply tap on the panda icon.

To buy and use this feature you are not required ta o own VIP membership.

*What sets the panda helper app store apart from other data is that *

Auto clicker

With the auto clicker feature, you are no longer required to do repetitive tasks while playing the game.

How to get the auto clicker feature

1. After downloading the panda helper app, download and install the game that you want to play with auto clicker

2. Open the game and you can see a panda floating icon.

3. Tap on that icon. A prompt will pop up.

4. Under tools you can see the ‘panda helper auto clicker’ tab. Tap on the ‘get’ button. You can select the plan that you want to purchases.

5. Now you can see the auto clicker’s transparent floating control panel to the middle of your screen’s right side.

In this control panel, you’ll find six features Run, Hide, Add, Swipe, Remove, and Settings.

Panda helper blog

If there is one thing that we cannot forget when we discuss the panda helper front page is the panda helper blog.

To access the panda helper blog from your device simply type in panda helper vlog in the Google search bar or go to the panda helper website and then tap on the menu button designed to the top left corner. To the bottom of the cascading menu, you can do find the link to the panda helper blog.

Tap on it.

What can you find in the Panda helper blog?

As an iOS user, you can purchase panda helper’s tools like Auto Touch, Auto Clicker, Cheat Engine, Speeder, which help you play your lovely games easily, at the tap of a button.

If you tap on the menu button you can read the latest news about panda helper’s content and newly added features to this app. Although almost all of the contents in this blog are written for iOS users, Android users can also get benefits by referring to the ‘ Panda Android Mod

Apps ‘ and ‘Android apps daily updates’ sections.

Make sure you read this blog to get the latest updates on how to play hacked games and tutorials daily.

Panda helper Alternative for you device

If you are an apple user you may find panda helper application’s certificate being revoked issue. In that case you can download following third party app stores instead of panda helper.

1. CokernutX

CokernutX is considered as one of the best third-party app stores out there, having around 5000 hacked, tweaked, and modded apps. To download CokernutX you can use below button.

Its SSL encryption will protect your privacy. This free to use application is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

2. Tutu box 

If you are not willing to download panda helper application here is a great option. Tutu box comes with two versions, a free and VIP. Buying VIP version of this app you can circumvent the issue of the certificate being revoked issue and have an advertisement-free user experience.

Please follow below link to download tutu box on your device.

3. Appvalley  

If you are looking for an app to download tweaked app and game emulators on your iOS device, you can’t go wrong with Appvalley. Currently Appvalley for Android devices is not available. No jailbreaking is required to install this awesome application.

To download Appvalley please tap the below button

4. App cake

To install this app on your iDevice it need to be jailbroken. Like panda helper application this app also offers a wide range of 3rd party apps. Both Android and iOS versions are available.

5. TweakBox 

This app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. If you encounter any problems using this app, you can always ask for the help of TweakBox team who are always prepared to go an extra mile for customer services.

Here is the link to download TweakBox


In this Panda helper FrontPage we have discussed about the features and functionalities of this third party app. If you face any issue using panda helper application and to stay abreast of latest features and updates about both panda helper app and its app contents, you can read panda helper blog. On top of that you can purchase panda helper VIP features as stated in the article with this blog. Furthermore, than these details you can get your iOS device jailbreak by reading the unc0ver jailbreaking tutorials.