Panda Helper iOS Latest Update.

Panda Helper iOS will give its hand on users who are willing to use a third party free mobile app store .Nowadays there is hardly anyone who is not aware of the alternative apps stores that are available apart from the default Apple Appstore which is already installed in your iOS device. But you may still wonder what to choose out of whole lot that is available to be installed in your iphone or ipad.  Undoubtedly Panda Helper is the best alternative app store that you can install in your iOS device for it comes to your fingertips with a variety of incomparable features. After having read whole of this article you will surely be able to have a crystal clear idea about what the Panda Helper iOS.

What is Panda Helper?

    Simply, Panda Helper can be defined as an alternative app store through you’ll be able to download plethora of tweaked apps and game apps for absolutely free. The most striking feature about Panda Helper is that it does offer many apps that official Apple app store doesn’t offer you. It offers you thousands of apps, games, screen recorders and tweaks modified with a bunch of new and more advanced features. Further it sends continuous updates regularly with new features, and also bugs are fixed timely. As the Panda Helper often adds more apps and games with advanced features, you can unlock and download them easily without making any payment.  Moreover, you don’t have to jailbreak your iOS device to install Panda Helper in it.  Can’t believe your eyes right? But what you read is correct. You don’t need to jailbreak the device, so that we can guarantee its 100% safe to install this app store in your device. Although the regular version of the Panda Helper can be downloaded at no cost, you will have to pay for the VIP version of it. You have to pay for the VIP membership. The speciality about the VIP version is that, it provides access to certain special apps that the regular version users do not enjoy. 

How to download  Panda Helper iOS?

1. The Regular Version of Panda Helper

In order to download this app store into your  ipad or iphone you just need to follow the pretty simple steps below. Before starting the download make sure you haven’t on low power mode. 

1. Tap on the download  button of regular version available here and you will be directed to the relevant page via the safari browser.

 2. Once the page is loaded, tap on Allow button to begin the download

3. Consequently, Panda Helper app store will be downloaded to your device. 

4. Once it’s complete go to Settings > General > Profiles and then tap to install panda helper.  You need to provide the passcode when asked.

 5. Finally you will see the panda helper on your home screen

6. At this stage the apps store is ready to launch and you can download your favourite tweaked apps now. 

2. The VIP version of Panda Helper iOS

1. Tap on the download  button of VIP version available here and you will be directed to the relevant page via the safari browser.
2.  Once the page is loaded you will have to make the relevant payment in order to proceed. 
3. After completing the payment process, you’ll be navigated to installation profile page. 
4. Then tap on the install button which appears on the top right hand corner of the installation profile page. 
5. Ignore pop up messages  that appear and again tap on install button.
6. Then installation process starts and once it’s completed the app store is ready and you will have the access to thousands of super cool game apps, tweaks and hacked apps too. 

Features Of Panda Helper iOS

1. The Panda Helper is an appstore where you experience safety to the fullest. As you don’t need to jailbreak your iDevice and as you are not asked to provide the Apple id when downloading this apps store, its completely safe to install the Panda Helper. 
2. If you download the regular version of Panda Helper you’ll be able install plenty of paid game apps , tweaks and hacked apps for absolutely free. 

3. Although the Panda Helper is an unofficial app store it does not bring any virus or malware to your device.
4. As the app store always sends you the notifications of the new updates, you won’t have to spend extra time to update the app store. 
5. As there’s a 24/7 active helpdesk facility in you can get solved for any of the problem you face when handling the Panda Helper in no time.
6. Thousands of new apps and games are often added. So that the collection of apps increases regularly. 
7. There’s as an attractive user-friendly interface which make it easier to handle it by anyone.

How to use  Panda Helper iOS

Since this app store has a user-friendly interface you can navigate it easily without making a big scene. You just have to tap on the install button available along with the app icon in order to download the app. Also, you can make use of the search bar available by typing the app name on it to find your favourite games and tweaks. 

Compatibility Of Panda Helper iOS

I know by now you are eagerly waiting to know whether this unique app installer supports the current iDevice and iOS version installed in your device. There’s nothing to worry for Panda Helper is compatible with almost all the updated iOS versions including the latest iOS 15 version too. So you can install Panda Helper without making any changes to your current iOS version. 

Comparison between the regular version and VIP version of the Panda Helper

1.  The regular version of the appstore can be revoked at anytime unlike the VIP version which has Anti revoke profile.

2. Sometimes the already downloaded apps may not work in the regular version, but in VIP all the downloaded apps will stay active always and may function properly. 

3. Limited number of apps is available in the regular version whereas VIP version offers thousands of game apps, tweaked apps and hacked apps.

 4. You will have to pay to download the VIP version. But in contrast you can download the regular version of Panda Helper even with an empty wallet. 

5. Only VIP users will be able to submit a request for New app and after approval they’ll be to download and install it. 

How to recover when revoked

Sometimes when you try to open the app, you may experience that the apps store doesn’t work. It’s none other than because of the app certificate has become revoked. This happens as the Panda Helper uses an enterprise app certificate to install the apps without jailbreaking your iDevice. So as you download these apps the Apple detects them and they revoke the app certificate and consequently app stops functioning.       If such error message comes instead of deleting the app follow these steps to recover it. 

1. Enable the Airplane Mode in the device and make sure the Wi-Fi is off

2. Then go to Settings and open the Safari browser

3. Next tap on Clear History and Website Data.

4. After that, launch the app of which certificate has expired. Although there’s no internet connection it should open. 

5. Disable Airplane Mode an on Wi-Fi. Now the app should function and you’ll be able to use it now. 


It’s all about Panda Helper for iOS. I hope I attended to almost all the areas and you might have cleared all your doubts regarding this app store.  So why are you still clinging into the cliche Apple app store when there is an awesome alternative apps store through which you can download thousands of tweaked apps and game apps that official apps doesn’t offer, even without jailbreaking your iOS device?

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