Privacy Policy is highly concern about the our visitors/users privacy protection indeed.As a result of that we have provided our own privacy policy terms & conditions on users/visitors that they must read and understand first they are following our website for their educational purpose.Moreover we highly mention that this website is only for educational purpose and knowledge sharing purpose.Thus please do not misuse this website so that harm to Panda Helper original owner and copyright rights of its owner/owners.Because we are not directly affiliated with Panda Helper or its contents at all.

As we previously mentioned we are just sharing our knowledge with others who are interesting to read about and use this application and its contents.So to provide a complete educational guide on our users we have used some important links and images.Where even though we have provided those links on our website,we are not taking any responsibility about the harmful effect that might be occur when users use those links.We have given just the direction according to our users queries.

What Kind Of Data Types We Collect From The Users ? is an educational website only.So we are not using this website to promote or sell any product which is not possess on us.Therefore we are not collecting any billing information such as Credit card details or any other information.

Moreover we are not applied requirements to use our website .Furthermore we are not use any web applications or any login methods to use our website.

Thus users do not create any specific account using their user name or email address.Not required any mobile password or user ID too.

So we have directly affiliated to provide our service to our users through their FAQs.So if they need any private feedback from us they need to provide a way to communicate with us.Thus they have to provide a way with their concern.

Data Retention Period & Deletion

Till we provide our complete service on our users we retention collected info.Once we have done with particular party,we tend to remove all data from our database.

Children Privacy Protection

We do not recommend this website or its contents for children under 18yrs.If any person who are under 18yrs please do not use this website or its downloading links at all.If anyone ignored our recommendations we are not taking any responsibility on harmful effects that can be occurred.

Cookies Data

We are not using any cookies data through our website.

Purpose of Data Collection

We are collecting our users some essential data only for provide a fruitful service through our knowledge.Where we are not collecting any info with forcefully. All data collecting ongoing 100% users concern only.Without intermission of users we have no any capability to collect our users info.